Written by Jovana Lazovic

Curtin Oxfam concludes the year 2016 with one last successful campaign

Curtin Oxfam was part of a two day movement where our volunteers worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the injustice surrounding the labour rights in third world countries.

The Oxfam volunteers got a pleasant surprise from the mayor of Fremantle throughout the afternoon. The mayor of Fremantle, Brad Pettitt, lent his full support to the cause.

Mayor Pettitt himself was previously involved with the organisation as an Oxfam aid worker. It was a great pleasure having him a part of the cause, greeting the dedicated volunteers and public of Fremantle.

Through our efforts and those of many other volunteers and supporters involved Oxfam, there were nearly 30,000 signed petitions.

We hope our efforts contribute to some great changes in the year 2017 with many more manufacturing companies making it on the “nice list.”

Photographs by Jovana Lazovic



To get full details on the Labour Rights Campaign please refer to our previous posts.


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