Written by Jovana Lazovic

The fight for Oxfam Labour Rights continues as we head out to the streets to promote the campaigns to the public.

In order to further promote the campaign I joined forces with Oxfam Western Australia in what proved to be a successful outing. Many had devoted their time to the cause. To increase awareness we connected with the members of the public as well as taking photographs outside the naughty or nice stores.

The campaign is a great way to give recognition to those companies who have been ethical in their practices and exposure to those who refuse to change their practices for the better.

Throughout the day we had people sign the Oxfam petition (link found below) to which I had a response from Best & Less stating that “Publishing or not publishing where we produce plays no part whatsoever in guaranteeing the safety of people we work with – the two are unrelated.” This way of thinking is why Oxfam is trying so hard to make sure that all companies publish their factory locations to ensure that another tragedy like the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh.

We will continue to promote the campaign on Friday 23rd of December in Fremantle outside the Town Hall. Do come along to show your support, we will have our stall there from 10am-2pm.



Photographs by Jovana Lazovic


Petition link: https://act.oxfam.org/australia/naughty-company-email?utm_source=oau&utm_campaign=naughtynice


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