Written by Jovana Lazovic

Making a change, although a difficult concept to grasp by perhaps not having the right knowledge is not completely an unreachable task. 

To change the world by oneself, what a daunting thought. As the well-known essayist Ralf Waldo Emerson once stated “life is a journey not a destination.” It is the little steps we take that lead to a bigger and brighter future, which ultimately instills change in people’s actions and behaviour.

During the university’s open day our stalls were open to the public where the engagement was incredible. Our aim was to raise awareness of the organisation and encourage the students to think about how they can make a positive impact in the world. We raised the question “what are three things you could do to change the world?” It made people think and socialise with their friends discussing all the ways they could make an impact.

The responses ranged from social to environmental issues. Some of the simple ways that you could help make a difference could be by recycling in order to reduce waste and conserve the environment and volunteer and contribute to charities devoted to making a difference. Another simple way you could make a difference, which a majority of the students agreed with, is by being kind and compassionate towards one another.



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